I’m going to share with you 6 best digital marketing tools to grow your business. I use them all on a daily basis and they’re all absolutely free.

I’m also going to share at the end of the this article a list with all of tools that we’ll be looking at which are start here plus some of my other best free digital marketing tools also, so stay with me around to the end. I’ll share that list.

1. Similar Web

So the first best digital marketing tool is similar web, and if you want to get a digital marketing strategy for any business in about five minutes then this is the tool to use.

All you need to do is go ahead and type in a competitor or a website that has similar audience to the one that you want to attract and just type it in similar web to create a big marketing report here, really showing you behind the scenes look at how they get website visitors.

So I’ve typed in buyantiviruskey . in website address here which is just an e-commerce site that sells Antivirus keys online.

And we can see straight away how much traffic they’re getting per month, what are the countries that the traffic is coming from, what are the different marketing channels that they are focusing on.

Even the websites that are sending them traffic, even the phrases and words that people are typing into the search engine that bringing them traffic to their website, and also what are the phrases that they’re advertising around.

So with this information I can really figure out, you could really know what social media channel they’re focusing on. I could create content around these terms as well from my own site.

And it’s just an incredible look behind the scenes at any business and how they market it. Now you are not able to get this information and in fact you know Antivirus key probably are not too happy that all this information is out there.

But similar web you can really see how they market their business, see what’s successful for them and you can take that step and apply those strategies for yourself.

You can do it for three to four other competitors and you can get a really clear picture of what marketing channels they are focusing on even go into say their Facebook, see what post they’re making. And you don’t have to do a lot of guesswork.

All of the proven strategies tailored specifically to your business are out there, so check it out on similar web. You can use it for own business to get digital marketing strategy, or for any client that you come across.

And also you can research the companies they are interviewing for and really show them in a lot of detail. I know how you guys market your business and I can help improve ABC.

So that’s the first digital marketing tool similar web really a key tool for any digital marketer.

2. Google Trends

Now the second tool is Google Trends and this is incredibly best digital marketing tool once again, if you want to find a sizzling hot topic idea for blog posts or YouTube then there’s no better tool than Google Trend. And that is because Google Trends really shows you what the world is searching for.

So how I use it if I’m thinking to create a video or blog post around something like free antivirus, what I’ll do is come in and type that into google trends.


Come down and change period filter to the last 30 days from last 12 months, you can change the country as well if you want to.

And really what I’m looking for here are these break out terms, I can see the best free antivirus 2019 it’s up one hundred and ten percent over the last 30 days and free antivirus is break at meetings way above, you know even one thousand two hundred and fifty percent, so as a marketer what does that telling me?


Well it’s telling me over the last 30 days, you know there has been an explosion in interest, people typing into Google best free antivirus 2019.

So if I could create a YouTube video or a blog post explaining what WordPress 5.3 is, its features, benefits, its release dates etc.

Then I’m going to easily be able to get to the top of the search result or the top YouTube videos, because if it’s in the last 30 days you can be guaranteed that not a lot of other people have created on this topic and Google Trends and is really looking at these breakout terms solves a key problem.

If you are a new business, how do you really get found when a lot of the big topics are saturated every good company is made of you know something about Facebook ads, say a blog post.

If you are a new company how would you do marketing?

You must come to Google Trend and look at these breakout terms and that really gets you to the top of the search results or get huge amount of shares, because there is incredible interest in these new breakout terms.

So that is the second tool Google Trends. You can use it again for your own business, for any clients business or again come into an interview with some incredible ideas about content that they could make that would really suit their audience.

3. Ubersuggest

Next step is to generate keyword ideas using Ubersuggest tool by Neil Patel. I Hope you analysed the competitor on similar web and picked the trending topic from Google Trend related to your niche.

Ubersugget is an awesome free tool which can get to work to find 100s of long tail keywords that you typed in.

It aggregates data from Google Suggest which provides keyword ideas similar and related to your searches on Google.

Here good thing is that you can also get breakup in each keyword, including monthly search volume, average CPC, PPC competition and SEO competition.

4. Canva

Now the fourth tool is Canva. And if you want to save money on stock photos and expensive graphic design software like Photoshop then you can use Canva site.

You might be confused,

why I am including Canva as digital marketing tools?

Am I Right?

Now as a digital marketer it’s really essential that you make you know images for your Facebook ads, blog posts, YouTube tutorials and you want to be able to do that yourself quickly so that you can make changes and adjustments and convert really to that.

They have all these templates for example a Facebook Post, Twitter post, Blog Post etc that you can just use, you can drag and drop them in here, you can change colors, you can change the text very easily, and so you can really create those eye catching images.

Really some basic graphic design skills are essential as it is digital marketer now, so you can add huge value to your business your marketing clients business or again have some extra on your resume by coming in practicing and getting familiar with Canva website.

5. Chrome Extension Vid IQ

Now the fifth tool is a chrome extension called Vid IQ and this is for YouTube. Now Youtube is second biggest website in the world and the second biggest search engine in the world.

So if you want to get traffic and build an audience on the second biggest website in the world Vid IQ is a tool that would really help you to do this.

Personally how I use it is if I’m considering making a video on a topic say for example Google Analytics, I just type that into the search bar in YouTube and then Video IQ once I’ve got the chrome extension installed brings up all this extra information at the side here,


And I can see for example under the keywords score that this term Google Analytics gets a huge amount of search volume in YouTube. It’s not that’s up at the top ninety three in the green so that’s good.

But the most important thing as well is in terms of the competition, so this is also near the green and this is actually the sweet spot that I can see that overall this keyword has a score of 67 over 100.

Meaning that if I was able to create a video on this topic I’d have a very good chance of getting to the top of the search results in YouTube, because there’s not a lot of competition but there’s a huge amount of search volume.

And there’s a lot of other things you can do Vid IQ but that’s one of my favorite little feature that really helps me plan my content in order to get in front of my audience, so Vid IQ is great tool especially if you want to focus on video marketing and YouTube marketing.

6. Keyword Everywhere

Now the sixth and final tool is Keyword everywhere chrome extension. So again this is a Chrome extension, you need to be using the chrome browser for this.

Note: I kept it last in the list because now Keywords everywhere is a paid tool. However it’s very cheap, they charge you $1 for 10,000 keywords.

Once you’ve got it installed what you were going to be seeing is underneath search bar in Google you’re going to see metric. (The search Volume per month, Cost per Click (CPC) and Competition).

So that wraps up the six best digital marketing tools and how I use them on a daily basis. I’ve included them all here in this list, which you can access by clicking the link.

Well go ahead and set those tools up for yourself so you can really use them to grow a business and get incredible results at your digital marketing.

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